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Kona Reef

Surprise, AZ . Tucked away behind some industrial buildings is nestled this hidden gem. Upon walking in, is a pleasantly laid out shop, immediately showing their full skill of aqua-scaping techniques across both Saltwater and Freshwater systems.

Along with a well organized shop for easy to find specimens of both waters, whether it be freshwater of the South American waters, Lake Malawi African’s, even those of the Rio Xingu river specimens, all very well laid out.

Saltwater frags and fish? You may want to really take your time looking through as some of the rare collections were here, grand master kraks, bounce mushrooms, even rainbow pectinia’s!

With this being Kona’s 2nd shop in the Phoenix area, with a 3rd new shop in the works, they definitely have gotten something done right that the area consumers are liking and I can see why. Even those who aren’t braving the heat to visit, can do so from the comfort of their own smart device by checking out: https://www.konareefaz.com/.