Ocean Floor

Phoenix, AZ. Few would have guessed that nestled in the heart of a city in the middle of the desert lies, “the Ocean Floor”. A place in size that easily overwhelms those who enter in awe.

Upon entering your are greeted by vastly large systems holding large colonies of corals, and even tanks holding equally as large of fish.

The corals looked big, colorful, and very nice indeed, had I come better prepared I would have sent back several to Wisconsin, everything was laid out to price easily without needing to ask many questions like you typically would in a reef shop.

The Ocean Floor even has excellent freshwater game, they are fully prepared for several species, along with prepared RO/DI, rock, substrate, lights, even the whole atmosphere of the store made you feel comfortable while shopping.

If given the opportunity to stop in again, I definitely will be stopping by them again better prepared next time, be sure to check out their website! https://oceanfloorstore.com/